Our Commitment

Our Promise To You

We pride ourselves in delivering utmost customer service. We are a results driven company, giving our customers the upper edge in a very aggressive industry.

Daily Review of Files

Our team at Credit360 will review each and every client file daily. This helps us deliver results faster than our competition.

Clear Communication

You will always be informed as to whats going on with your file. We will keep you informed and educated as you fix your credit.

Future Avoidance

Our staff at Credit360 care about your future well being. This is why they will teach you about credit and how it works. This way you stay informed and learn from your past mistakes.

Build both Credit Bureaus

In Canada, both Credit Bureaus matter. Credit360 will focus on both bureaus and ensure thay any issues are resolved. We will continually watch your file and warn you about anything that can hurt your credit.

Credit Analysis – Tailored to the client

We manually analyze every client’s credit report to carefully target problem areas.

With many years of experience working with Equifax and Transunion, we are able to help our clients improve their report to better their chances when applying for a loan. Bad credit is not the end, there is a way out and Credit360 will show you how to get it done.

Education on Credit maintenance

We offer top notch explanation and counselling services for effective credit reconstruction and longevity.

At Credit360, we work around the clock to help you become more educated in what is important to you. Consider this the first lesson to owning your dream house and getting approved for that brand new car, in essence reach your goals financially!

Report Monitoring and Score Assistance

Knowing where you stand, is the best way to help you move in the right direction. The ultimate goal of Credit360 is to help our clients understand and build their credit to enjoy life the way it should be. With monthly monitoring of the reports and advice on how to keep your score from falling. You will be back to being a good credit holder sooner than you can imagine. Allow us to do the hard work, and you sit back and enjoy the rewards of having great credit!


Have a Credit360 specialist call you. It's never been easier to live a better life.