Why Choose Us

Credit360 Works Hard to Make Your Dreams Come True!

If the credit repair process is too strenuous or tedious for you, there are a couple of things to consider before hiring professional assistance. There are many choices available for credit repair services. Here are many reasons why you should choose Credit360 for your credit repair needs.

It is our goal to help people get the credit they deserve regardless of past setbacks. Our view is everybody deserves a second chance providing that they are willing to make the effort to improve their credit situation. We know that sometimes bad things happen to good people and we share the vision that nobody should get left behind due to unforeseen hardships.

Is Credit Repair For Me?

We offer free consultation to fully review our customers credit reports and determine if it is the right direction for you. If credit repair is for you, we invite you to become one of our many satisfied clients.

It's never too late to get your credit back on track. We care about all our clients and value the opprotunity to make a difference.

What Services Are Provided?

Will the credit repair company dispute items only at the bureau level (Equifax and Transunion), or will they go to the extent of also contacting creditors and collection agencies? You want to find a company who will dispute the items on all levels for best results.

Credit360 disputes on all levels: credit bureaus, original creditors, and collection agencies.

We Care About Our clients.

One of the best ways credit repair can help is by having you be involved. A credit repair company should also provide you guidance on how to maintain your credit score. Credit repair is a team effort and all aspects of the process should be covered. This guidance can include what proper lines of credit to obtain, how to maintain lines of credit, and how not to use lines of credit to avoid credit scores decreasing.

Credit360 will become your most trusted ally in the credit repair process. Credit360 will guide you along the way to assure that not only is your credit cleaned up, but that you are also set for success in continuing to maintain your newly repaired credit.

We Create a Custom Action Plan

A guide for you to follow which will outline the necessary steps in order to improve your credit score.

Different Clients have different goals and no 2 situations are exactly alike. This is why we treat every case on an individual level. We are not a credit repair factory like many of our competitors, all of our work is custom. If you fancy the word, Tailor Made, then you came to the right company.

Credit360 will carefully set you up to get approved by the lenders and get your dream a head start.


Have a Credit360 specialist call you. It's never been easier to live a better life.